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"Henceforth, my reign as Queen Bitch From Hell begins." Welcome to my multi-fandom/personal blog. To name a few: Harry Potter, Glee, Doctor Who, Starkid, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Sherlock, One Direction, Darren Criss. Feel free to follow and DFTBA.

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"hey bukowski no offense but why dont you take your shirt off in the pool"
"why do we run from the rain but soak in tubs full of water"
"aight take it easy man"

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do you think the staff at LAX get sick of seeing harry styles so often 

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*writes “like” on a cigarette and puts it in my mouth*

It’s a simile.

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"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

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Harry Styles bringing pizza or intro to gay porno? Who knows.


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make me choose scottlinski asked: sciles or allydia

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Teen Wolf Deleted Scene :: Scott and Isaac from Unleashed

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Least likely to survive to graduation, [x].

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fanfictions be like ”his eyes scanned the crowed and then locked with mine”


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